Rooftop Solar

A 6kW solar system could save an average household around $860 to $1600 a year on its energy bills.

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Heating/cooling your home

Heating your home with a reverse-cycle unit can reduce your energy bill by a third of the cost compared to gas heating.

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Heat Pump Hot Water

Upgrade your gas storage hot water to an energy efficient heat pump system and you could save up to 50% on your water heating energy costs, or save up to 80% when replacing an electric storage system.

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Induction cooking

Electric induction cooktops are typically 60% more efficient and faster to cook with than gas cooktops, and just as controllable.

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Home Battery

Power your home at night with a home battery and join our Virtual Power Plant to be part of a growing number of solar battery owners that help create a more affordable and reliable energy system.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

A home EV charger can provide 4-6 times faster charging than a standard power point and give you more control.

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Electric Vehicles

Switching to an EV can save on average $1000 to $1200 in fuel costs each year, and cost 40% less to maintain.

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Electrify Now!

We understand that energy bills are an important topic in a lot of households around Australia right now. Getting a good understanding of your own energy usage and home upgrade options is important to stay one step ahead.


Save on your energy bills

Reduce your energy bills by choosing the most impactful energy upgrades for your home and usage


Reduce carbon

Find options to help reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially qualify for state and federal rebates for your good work


Access to Third Party Partners

Access to AGL's third party installation partners to make sure the work is done right the first time, offering competitive quotes in your area

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Did you know water heating is one of the biggest areas of energy use in Aussie homes?

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Build energy independence into your home with a solar & battery bundle


Keen to trial an EV, but not ready to purchase? Choose your favourite EV to try


Harness the power of the sun for your home's electricity needs

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Reduce your energy usage during peak events, and you could be rewarded with credits on your AGL electricity bill

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A home charger is the fastest and most convenient way to charge your electric car at your home

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Financial Review Most Innovative Companies - 2023 Finalist

AGL has been named as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2023 by the Australian Financial Review. Read more about Electrify Now in the AFR article.

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