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Environmentally conscious

Fleet decarbonisation can help show your commitment to sustainable practices and dedication to action on climate change.

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Future ready

Plan the right investment in charging infrastructure and energy solutions to power your business as it needs to evolve.

Options for a more sustainable future

EV Subscription​

Try our flexible subscription plans for business without the long term commitment

Simple all-inclusive vehicle solution with the ease of experiencing an EV without the need for a longer-term commitment. Includes everything you need to get you quickly on the road:

  • Your choice of 7 new or late car models available
  • Flexible pricing plans to suit you (1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month)
  • 26,000km p.a. included
  • Comprehensive insurance with $2000 excess
  • Standard maintenance on the car, its battery and charger (including tyres, windscreen and wipers)
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Standard inclusions

  • Concierge service (pick up, drop off)
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Registration
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Roadside Assist
  • Flexibility to swap cars every 6 months

Optional inclusions

  • Standard L2 smart charger installed in the home for $10/week
  • Includes AGL Carbon Neutral for a premise, if that premise has an AGL electricity contract

EV Operating Leases

What if you could start shifting your business fleet today?

We are interested in working with you to develop solutions for your business fleets of EVs. This could include all of the service and support of a fleet managed solution. We can work with you to explore and develop options for:

  • Longer term operating leases
  • Expert EV solution planning
  • Phase out your existing fleet over time
  • Managed charging options to suit your fleet and customers
  • Partner with your existing fleet manager to ensure a smooth transition
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Solutions we can work with you to explore and develop: 

  • Fully maintained operating leases 
  • Home, Work/Depot charging
  • Charging management and support
  • Charge session reconciliation
  • Charger pricing, offers and payment gateways
  • Energy plans
  • Renewable supply, carbon offsets
  • Solar and storage

Charging and energy solutions

Get home, depot charging installed with the latest charger management support. Our EV energy plans and renewable supply, solar storage, carbon offsets are all available to you and your team.

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