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Frequently asked questions

What is Electrify Now?
  • Electrify Now is an interactive tool that uses your electricity data to estimate your potential energy bill and carbon savings if you upgrade to home electrification products.  
  • Our estimator helps you learn more about the potential benefits of solar panels, a home battery, a heat pump hot water system, an electric vehicle and an induction cooktop.
Who is eligible to use the tool?

The Electrify Now estimator is available to residential customers who use it for a property in Australia, other than in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Electrify Now also gives you an option to share your electricity data with AGL via the Consumer Data Right (CDR) – see more information about CDR below (under “CDR, data and privacy”). This CDR option is only available to customers who:  

  • have an electricity smart meter (not a basic meter) with its own connection to the electricity network. This means that the tool is not available if your meter is part of a private distribution network called an “embedded network”. Embedded networks are common in sites with multiple premises such as apartment buildings and retirement villages; and
  • are with any retailer participating as a data holder in the Consumer Data Right system. This currently includes AGL and over 15 other electricity retailers in Australia.



How are my estimates calculated?

Electrify Now is powered by advanced analytics, combining your electricity data with a range of assumptions to deliver estimated savings and installation costs for your selected products.

Click here to learn more about how your estimates were calculated, and how your actual savings will vary, for each product type.

How do you access my electricity data?

To help us give you a more personalised estimate, you have the option to ask us to obtain electricity data from your energy retailer. This data is accessed via our accredited partner, Fiskil , through the Consumer Data Right (CDR).

The Consumer Data Right, sometimes called Open Energy, gives electricity energy consumers greater transparency around energy usage and costs. By allowing you to choose to give third parties (such as AGL) access to your energy data, the CDR enables you to make more informed decisions about energy services (such as home electrification).

How do you use and share my data?

We don’t share or use your CDR data without your consent. If you give us consent to access your electricity data via the CDR:

  • We share your name and email address with our accredited partner, Fiskil, so that they can collect your data via the CDR and share it with our Electrify Now tool.
  • The data we obtain from the CDR will only be used in the Electrify Now tool.  It will not be stored by us and our systems will only have access to it for the brief “sharing period” that is displayed when we ask for your consent. 
Where can I find out more about privacy?

If you want to learn more about the CDR and how we handle other personal information:

  • We, and our partner Fiskil, are bound by rules set by the Australian Government on how we handle your data.  Learn more at  this website.
  • Fiskil’s CDR Policy provides information about how Fiskil manages data under the CDR. 
  • Details of how you may access the personal information we hold about you and seek its correction, or make a complaint about our handling of your personal information is contained in our  Privacy Policy.


Why was I not able to access my electricity data through CDR?
  • An error may occur if the tool is temporarily unavailable, or if we cannot access the CDR data we need to calculate your estimates.  We may rely on third parties to access your CDR data, so we cannot guarantee that this information will be available or correct in every case.
  • If we are unable to access your CDR data, we will offer you the alternative to manually enter an electricity bill amount to receive your savings estimate.
How can I arrange a quote or installation?

It’s completely up to you what you do with your Electrify Now results.  If you want to take the next step, you might decide to speak to a product expert or installer to obtain a quote or recommendation.  

For customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and South-East Queensland, you can get in touch with an expert via the “Speak to an expert” tool on the Electrify Now estimates page.  This is completely optional.

Who can I speak to about feedback or concerns?

You can get in touch via the following options:

For more information, view the Electrify Now website.