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JET Charge ChargeMate 22kW


3 Phase

One of the most adaptable chargers on the market, the ChargeMate is ideal for any EV and any home charging environment. Change the charge rate and casing aesthetic to suit your needs, or switch to solar power to save on power.

Installation info


*This price indicated is for a three-phase installation.

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Three phase installation

  • Installation of a 22KW / 32 AMP Three Phase EV Wall Charger. House must have 3 Phase Capability.
  • Dedicated circuit approximately 20 Meters of wall/ceiling mounted cable. (Inc conduit)
  • Three Phase Isolation switch mounted readily accessible to the EV Wall Charger.
  • All associated electrical containment and hardware fixings for the installation.
  • Chargemate Inc 4 Pole Type A RCBO 30mA
  • Installation as per AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installation Wiring Rules.
  • Installation of a communications device the specifics of which will be determined on site (Preference 1: Ethernet cable, Preference 2: EoP)
Product features
Variable charge rate

Take advantage of cheaper electricity rates by charging your EV at pre-determined times.

Solar-power enabled

Charge your EV using your home solar power system – or use the grid when there’s not enough sunlight.

Remote connectivity

Access your fully networked ChargeMate remotely with remote management and reporting capabilities. 

Intuitive user interface

Navigate your charger’s features and view your charging status via the intuitive user interface.

Modifiable enclosure

Change your charger’s casing to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.

Charging power


Power requirements

Three Phase

Rated supply voltage

415 V AC 50/60 Hz

Charging mode

Type 2 (IEC 62169)

Item dimensions

380 mm x 180 mm x 130 mm

Item weight



Wall mounted or Pedestal mounted

Weather resistant



No - separate cable included 

Cable length


Communications interfaces

Ethernet LAN connection, Modbus-485 (RS232), Serial interface

Server protocol


Operating mode

Networked, standalone


3 years 

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