Charging your EV with solar

A motivator for many people to buy an EV is greener driving, so charging from renewable sources like solar is a popular option. Read on to find out just how feasible it is.



Solar enabled EV chargers

Ocular IQ Solar

Ocular IQ Wallbox 4-1

The IQ Solar has different modes that you can switch between to fit with your solar production on that day.

It comes with an app that enables you to monitor live solar production and instantly change your charger’s settings.

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  • Switch between 3 modes (Fast, Solar Assist and Solar Only) to choose how much power is drawn from grid energy.
  • Unit includes a display screen and untethered cable

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Solar

The Pulsar Plus (solar + powerboost) includes 2 solar modes and 1 load balancing mode to choose how your charger operates.

The app enables you to control the charger remotely and schedule charging times to make use of off-peak tarrifs.

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  • Switch between 2 modes (Full-Green and Eco) to choose how much power is drawn from grid energy.
  • Powerboost function to adjust the power provided to your EV based on your real time energy load in the house.

Solar EV Charger Benefits

Generating solar energy has a range of benefits

agl_icon_blue_rewards_piggybank  Financial

Charging is already cheaper than petrol but a solar charger can use power you generated yourself to lower your car's running costs even further.

thanks-1  Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of charging at home so you're not reliant on public charging stations or a slow standard plug socket.

environment  Environment

Charge with renewable energy, reducing reliance on the grid where electricity generation can come from non-renewable sources.

agl_icon_dig_data_unlimited  Self-sufficient

Protect yourself from being wholly reliant on the grid and be more secure that you can charge your car.

Solar EV Charging Savings

Measuring solar savings:

In Australia, the average 5kW solar system can generate up to 20kWh per day, which in an EV can provide around 100km of range.

With the average Aussie driver travelling 40km per day, solar charging could save them:

  • Up to $500 a year on electricity from the grid (at $0.25/kW).
  • Or, up to $2000 a year on petrol (at $1.80/L).

Pairing with a home battery:

Installing a home battery can store the energy generated during the day for later, making rooftop solar even more effective.

  • If your car isn't home during peak sunshine hours, a battery enables charging from solar.
  • If your car is fully charged, excess energy in a battery can be used to power your home.
  • Further reduce your reliance on grid energy.

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